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Wildlife & Rangeland Management Articles

Below you will find a few articles that I have written over the past years that detail issues such as supplemental feeding, quail populations in Texas, prescribed burning and others. Many of the below articles have been published in ranch and wildlife related magazines in Texas including

  • Texas Wildlife Association
  • Texas Farm & Ranch
  • Texas Deer Association TRACKS
  • Texas Ranch Sales

Please feel free to explore the article topics. I hope they are worthwhile and provide insight to help you manage your wildlife and rangelands correctly.  Also, feel free to provide feedback if desired. I am always looking to better my writing and expand on new writing topics.

2019 October Wildlife Note (Prescribed Burning in Late Winter)

2019 September (Qualifications for Agriculture & Wildlife Use Appraisal)

2019 August (Using GIS in Range & Wildlife Management)

2019_June Wildlife Note (Predator Control for Quail in Texas)

2019_February Wildlife Note (The Challenges of Post Rut in Early Spring)

2019_January Wildlife Note (Predator Control for White-tailed Deer)

2018 December Wildlife Note (White-tailed deer surveys)

2018_November Wildlife Note (Cedar Management in Texas)

2018_February Wildlife Note (Quail vs Roadrunner)

2017_June Wildlife Note (The use of supplemental water for wildlife management)

2017_September Wildlife Note (Quail populations and management in Texas)

2017_May Wildlife Note (Feral hogs in Texas)

2017_ February Wildlife Note (Exotic Species Management in Texas)

2016_December Wildlife Note (Supplemental feed and white-tailed deer)



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