How We Work


Kolbe Land Company, LLC generally begins each and every projects with an on site meeting with the property owners to discuss goals and objectives. Our goal is to reach your goal. We want to ensure that there is full understanding of the project at hand and the goals to be reach.



After discussing all aspects of the particular project, coming to an consensus on price and time frame with the landowner, Kolbe Land Co. has the ability and knowledge to implement all aspects of the project. Whether that project be a septic system installation, fence construction, holistic long-term property management or looking to buy or sell your next land parcel, know that we have the knowledge and capability to accomplish any and all of your property goals. I encourage you to visit our services section to view many of the service items Kolbe Land Co. specializes in. If what you are looking for is not there, fill free to reach out to me with a call/text/email to see if we can help with your particular goal!img_2929.jpg


Whatever your goals may be, from planning your next deer survey, to installing your next custom gate entry, to building a metal structure for equipment on your property, or looking to conduct your next wildlife survey or habitat project, Kolbe Land Co can help! Let us assist you with obtaining your goals the right way. Go like us on Facebook @KolbeLandCo for more information and photos!


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